GeelongPort Fire Service upgrade




Geelong, Wathaurong Country, VIC


Rick Slevison


$1.4 million

GeelongPort is Victoria’s second largest port, handling close to 12 million tonnes of cargo and receiving more than 600 vessel visits each year, amounting to over $7 billion of trade and supporting more than 1,800 jobs across the state.

Through our works, a level of compliance was achieved for GeelongPort’s insurances and internal requirements.

Safety was improved with the installation of an effective CFA approved firefighting system in the case of a fire event. As Kennedys Group were the PC, all permits, processes and QA was conducted internally. This meant the Ports had less to manage of the day-to-day construction tasks.

The busy Port meant significant interface between land-based vehicles and water-based vessels. Shipping schedules and Port operations were continuously updated and changed with minimal notice however our Site Manager and teams, responded with careful and agile planning to successfully navigate all stakeholder interactions. Those interactions consisted of works with the multi-skilled contractor teams of environmental and geotechnical engineers, structural design engineers, fire design engineers, screw piling, concreters, plumbers, electricians, directional drillers, asphalt pavers, traffic management, independent dfire certifiers and tank fabricators.

GeelongPort is a unique marine environment with specific environmental and high-risk hazards, requiring strict control systems be put in place. We maneuvered access equipment under the wharf by engaging commercial barge and diving specialists with marine craft.

Scope of works:

  • Installation of a compliant fire system within a fully operational port
  • Design and construction of a twin diesel fire pump system with 2x 110, 000 Lt storage tanks
  • Installation of a Fire Brigade booster and fill point
  • Engineering and structural design for concrete tank pads on unstable ground
  • Construction of a retaining wall, sub-soil drainage collection system
  • Combined below ground and under wharf suspended fire mains extending to hydrants, hose reels within the Port and privately leased tenancies.
  • All electrical works for supply to pump controllers and jacking pumps
  • Reinstatement of asphalt and concrete surfaces
  • Independent certification of the new fire system
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