We deliver safe, long-lasting and environmentally conscious projects.
Our commitment to rigorous Quality, Sustainability and Work Health and Safety systems provides your project with a 360° circle of care.


A safe site is a successful site.

We look after the health and wellbeing of every stakeholder on site – it’s the Kennedys Group way.

Fundamental to our business is a program of continuous improvement and certification. We’re all responsible for each other, and work together to ensure we are safe, wherever we are.

Our systems are compliant with the most rigorous of client requirements – including the strict regulations specific to Government job sites where national security is front of mind, and large, industrious sites such as GeelongPorts where thousands of people work simultaneously, 24/7.

We meticulously plan the safety of our workers, subcontractors, suppliers, and stakeholders into every moment of the working day, using a comprehensive framework that is tailored to every project.

We take pride in our managers taking a hands-on approach to health and safety.

You’ll find us on site, face-to-face, consulting our teams on safe work practices, so everyone understands and manages the risks associated with our work.


Kennedys Group ALTAS Certification Triple Accreditation Management Systems Safety Quality Environmental ISO9001 ISO14001 ISO45001        Kennedys Group Worksafe Logo Victoria Safety Systems

Safety Management System Accreditation


We’re dedicated to creating a bright future – now, and for generations to come.

We strive to action the most beneficial outcome for the ecological, social and economic systems inherent in every project. Sustainability is a full-scope entity, just like us – it’s the foundation for lively cities, healthy communities, and infrastructure that endures and flourishes.

We have an outstanding reputation for creating spaces that are clean, safe and healthy for all.

In fact, our deep respect for environmental health is the ‘reason for being’ of our Asbestos & Mould Remediation, Plumbing and Construction divisions. 

Systems thinking

Our Environmental Assessors look deeper than just the obvious. They have a knack for identifying less visible, but equally important environmental concerns, and crafting sensitive solutions to accommodate them.

Every assessment is cumulative – together they contribute to a company-wide approach to sustainability and bettering our future.

We collaborate and teach each other, cross-pollinating the latest sustainability standards and science across Divisions to help us work a better way. 

Environmental Management System Accreditation


We’re living proof that high-quality is accessible locally and can be relied on, no matter the size or scope of your project.

Kennedys is known for quality without compromise.

We adhere to our Quality Assurance procedures to achieve a high standard at all times.

It is our policy to implement “Zero-Defect” strategy on all our projects with no last-minute stress – we commence the defecting process well before anticipated Practical Completion date.

We are driven by the goal to hand over a defect free project that exceeds expectations – enabling the client to instantly activate and enjoy a quality facility.


Quality Management System Accreditation


Licenced/Registered Plumbers
Licenced Electricians
CEC accredited solar installers
Accredited Green Plumbers
Approved gas fitters (Type A)
Class A Asbestos Removalists
EPA approved Prescribed Waste transporters
Registered cablers
Air-conditioning Technicians
Refrigeration Technicians
Apprentice plumbers, electricians and boilermakers

VWA approved OH&S Supervisors
Certificate 111 in OH&S
Certificate IV in Frontline Management
Certificate IV in Customer Service
Diploma in Management
First Aid (Level 2)

Construction Induction (Red/White Card)
HSE Induction
Confined Space Entry (CSE)
Backflow Prevention Device installation and testing
Thermostatic Mixing Valve installation and testing
Butt and Electrofusion Welding

Plant & machinery
Boomlift (SL, VL & BL)
Elevated Work Platform (WP)
Safe Work at Heights (WAH)
Scaffolding (SB)
Excavator (LE)
Front-end loader (LL)
Front end loader/Backhoe (LB)

Truck licence (HC) (HR) (MR)
Forklift (LF)
VWA Bulk Drivers licence

Working with Children Checks
National Police Checks


Public Liability $20M
Asbestos Liability $20M


Rapid Global
SAM 4 Schools
Pegasus RIW
3D Safety
Vendor Panel


Environment Protection Authority
Worksafe Victoria