Grease Waste System Upgrade – Melbourne Central


Rodine Australia, GPT


Melbourne Central, Wurundjeri, VIC 3000


Daniel Mitchell



Melbourne Central is a multifaceted shopping and dining complex, featuring over 300 retailers, spread across five floors, as well as a cinema complex.

The shopping centre is renowned for its diverse range of Australian and international brands, including Nike, Sephora, Country Road, KitKat, Mecca and much more. It offers an exciting destination for exploration and enjoyment.

The waste treatment system at Melbourne Central underwent an upgrade, including the installation of new pipework and interceptors. Kennedys Group’s North Melbourne plumbing team played an instrumental role in this project, providing support in the design and implementation of a new greasy waste system. In collaboration with Norman Disney & Young (NDY), Kennedys Group undertook the design phase before commencing with the project’s execution.

The upgrade project involved the removal of existing grease interceptors and the installation of 12 new Viking Plastics grease interceptors, as well as the fabrication and installation of new pipework and vents. The water supply was also upgraded, corroded pipework was replaced, and Fire Rated Solutions executed fire sealing. The project was completed within budget, on schedule, and with strict adherence to safety and quality standards.

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