Avalon Airport


Avalon Airport, owned by Linfox Group


Avalon, Wadawarrung Country VIC


Matthew Kennedy



This project focused on the safe removal of asbestos from an Avalon Airport hangar and wall replacement.

Our Asbestos and Environmental team worked in accordance with the specific requirements of the airport, particularly security measures and access/egress in this high-activity area. The team successfully delivered the completed project over a weekend when the hanger was unoccupied.

The hanger located in Avalon now has a non-contaminated product installed and the hangar has significantly improved natural lighting entering the building.

Works involved:

  • Removal of 150sqm of glass windows that were sprayed in foam. The backing of the windows contains asbestos rope.
  • Windows were removed via an 80ft boom and a 120ft boom and disposed of offsite as asbestos waste.
  • Installation of new wall battens and new wall sheeting including fiberglass to allow natural light back into Hanger 3.
  • Reinstallation of gutter and downpipes

“ We used Kennedys Group to breathe new life into the external wall of the hangar. What was an eye saw with windows covered in foam, creating a dark environment inside is now a filled with light and no longer an eye saw for the neighbouring office building. The job was run in a seamless professional manner, which is what we have come to expect over our time working with Kennedys Group”

~ Daniel Craven, Property Manager

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