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We’re the market leader in Commercial and Industrial Plumbing, as well as Asbestos & Mould Remediation services in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

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Commercial & Industrial Plumbing Services in the Melbourne CBD and surrounds

Our dependable and specialist plumbers within Melbourne’s city center offer a wide range of services and expertise, including but not limited to commercial plumbing maintenance and advanced commercial plumbing,

When necessary we can deploy teams working in 24-hour shifts, aligning with scheduled shutdown periods and ensuring uninterrupted operations.



  • 24/7 Emergency services with shift work availability.
  • Principal contractor project management.
  • Tailored industrial/commercial project management.
  • Comprehensive services for industrial/commercial plumbing installations, maintenance, and scheduled maintenance.
  • Roof maintenance and replacement services.
  • Proficient in CCTV inspections, surveys, and detailed reporting.
  • Below-ground expertise in sewer, stormwater, gas, and fire service installations and repairs.
  • Pipe clearing/cleaning using water jet, snake, digging, and leak detection.
  • Specialised services include thermostatic/RPZD valve testing and replacement, confined space entry, hydraulic design, and engineering.

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We provide expert services from private businesses to government contracts

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Frequently asked questions

What is commercial plumbing?

Commercial plumbing is a specialised plumbing service to suit commercial business requirements, generally within larger buildings or infrastructures. These jobs are often larger due to the complexity of plumbing systems and plans involved and generally require more preventative maintenance to avoid business interruption. A commercial plumber will also conduct maintenance inspections for plumbing systems within commercial buildings as part of preventative maintenance plumbing solutions.

With the ability to follow and understand building designs and plans and work on large and complex plumbing systems opposed to a residential plumber. Commercial plumbers work on multi story buildings or facilities opposed to a residential plumber who contend with one-, two- or three-story residential homes.

What does a commercial plumber in Melbourne do?

A commercial plumber is a specialist plumber who repairs, installs, and maintains plumbing systems in commercial institutions such as hospitals, commercial businesses, retail outlets and stores, schools, universities, hospitality venues, manufacturing plants, retirement villages, airports etc. who have the capability to design commercial plumbing infrastructures including pipework, waste and sewage systems, boiler systems.

In the Melbourne CBD and surrounding areas, where a diverse range of businesses operate, our services address the specific requirements of maintaining efficient and reliable plumbing systems for commercial and industrial facilities.

Do you provide emergency services for urgent plumbing repairs?

Yes, you can count on Kennedys to be at your service when a plumbing system requires an urgent repair. Call our service team dispatch on 03 9393 9100 – we will quickly assess, repair, and if needed, replace, your broken commercial plumbing equipment.

For hazardous materials spills, and any danger to people or place, call 000 immediately for Fire/HAZMAT containment emergency services and Ambulance if needed.

Who to call for a plumbing emergency on a commercial property in Melbourne?

Call us on 03 9393 9100 for all your emergency commercial plumbing needs and our after-service team will respond.

What are the costs involved with using a commercial plumber?

A call out fee and quote is complimentary and each job will be quoted based on the required commercial plumbing works needed. This will vary from job to job and will only be established post site visit when the works are determined.

Kennedys supports our clients with reactive maintenance work, shutdown or planned works, and scheduled preventative maintenance.